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Diploma requirements will depend on age, when you started high school, and where you started high school.  There are two sets of requirements that you may fall under:

OSS: for school years 2000-2001 to present

See 'What Do I Need to Graduate?' from the Ministry of Education

If you fall under this system and are a mature student, you may be eligible for PLAR: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.  Check out this video!

OSIS: for school years prior to 1999-2000

If you started high school in Ontario before the 1999-2000 school year, you may be eligible for Maturity Credits.  The amount of Maturity Credits granted will depend on several factors including compulsory credits required, time spent out of school, and work experience.  Other training or education completed outside of a high school setting may also affect the amount of Maturity Credits granted.  But before any Maturity Credits are granted, you must complete 4 senior level courses at St. Albert Adult Learning Centre.  If you think you might be eligible for Maturity Credits, compile your supporting documents (transcripts, certificates, diplomas) and stop by for an evaluation.